Our Ingredients

Yes, everything we make, everything we have ever made at our bakery, is, and always will be, GLUTEN-FREE…


We use many custom blends and flours, including flours that we process ourselves in the bakery.

All of our ingredients are listed in order by weight and posted on each of our products. We also label with general dietary/allergy info, such as: “vegan, paleo, nut-free, dairy-free… etc.” 


We spend countless hours researching products, creating, re-creating, tweaking, and refining our recipes. We are confident that the products we sell are unique, health-conscious, and delicious. Check out what some of our customers say by scrolling through our Facebook page.


  1. Thank you for your dedication to being gluten free. It is very difficult to get quality gluten free things that aren’t just loaded with sugars. I was at the Brownwood Paddock Farmer’s Market for the first time and was delighted to find a gluten free baker there. I purchased the banana bread and and the Caveman bread and brought it home. I left the banana bread out on the counter and went back out to shop for a bedspread. When I returned home half the loaf had already been consumed and my husband who is very gluten intolerant said it was the best he had ever eaten. Thank you! I will be going back next week for more.

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  2. Curious what is in your SaraFay flour? We eat mostly Keto but also add a little paleo for fun 😎 but need to avoid any kind of rice flour … thank you


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